Being busy is no blessing.

I haven’t posted in forever. Life has been so very busy since I moved to London – sometimes so much is happening that I can’t quite get my head around it.

I have been working on developing talks and events for my job. Whilst my first ‘framework’ is complete, it still isn’t suitable for the other scent-education events I want to run.

The first one is a ‘Describing Scent Workshop’. I take a bunch of people, sit them down, and present a bunch of perfumes to them that they may or may not be familiar with, but completely removed from the marketing, bottle, and name, until afterwards – where I explain to them what the idea, notes, etc are. It’s proved utterly fascinating to listen to peoples responses and to be honest, I’d love to do that every day. Also, I’m trying to develop an olfactive dictionary which I can relate to fragrances, and hopefully people will ‘get’ what I mean.

Thank you to everyone who keeps checking in on me. I’m still tweeting, btw, more than ever it might seem.

Also, I need business cards. And the book I was planning has been super-super-sidelined.

More soon, I promise. Even if it’s just another song.

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