Frankincense Oolong Tea by Aftelier Perfumes

Mandy Aftel is a supremely talented natural perfumer. But perfume is not the only thing Mandy crafts. Aside from her Chef’s essences (hello, Juniper Berry and Grand Fir, I have my eye on you), she also creates wonderful perfumed teas.

Frankincense is in my top 5 perfume notes of all time ever, so I was intrigued when I first saw it, and desperately wanted to experience the tea. Mandy has married Frankincense with organic Oolong tea. The result is an incredibly delicate, clear, slightly citrus, sweet and balsamic tea, that has a eucalyptus feel. My favourite part of this tea is normally the part I hate most – the last sip – because you get to savour the full complexity of the resin.

Oolong tea is best when steeped in water at around 85° C (take the water to the boil, and allow it to cool for a while) for 3 minutes (4, if you prefer a slightly richer taste). Mandy’s Oolong can be steeped up to four times.

[Image sourced from the Aftelier Perfumes website]