Packing & Perfume

So, having uprooted myself to London (I’ve already been here a month, which has absolutely flown by) – I’m trying to get myself prepared for a trip back home to Bristol this weekend. Clothes are sorted so easily that in fact, they are practically inconsequential: a t-shirt and jeans is my “life uniform”.

You'd think I'd have taken moving as a chance to sort out my perfume drawer. But I didn't. (If you think this is bad, wait till you see the samples drawer)

Every time I am going away, even for a short period of time, I struggle to decide what fragrances to take with me. I find it excruciating, unless I have a ‘new love’ that I want to take everywhere with me. I expect I’m not the only one with this problem, especially when I have such a ridiculous amount of fragrance at my ‘disposal’ here. And then I remember those cruel games that people on Basenotes seem to enjoy playing so much come in useful. You know the ones I mean: “If your house was burning down and you could only save a one bottle of perfume or the family pet / baby, which bottle would it be?

5ml atomisers are life savers

I have so far decided on one: Guerlain Vetiver. I pretty much always have a decant of this one on me, because it’s so versatile and always hits the spot (Vetiver is another feature on the list of my top 5 perfume notes of all time ever). I expect the decision will be to take a mixture of samples to see how they play, anyway. I always use coach or train journeys for testing and writing! (Currently I’m working my way through the Huitieme Arts line, because, well, I need to get my head around them for work!)

Do you have any favourites to take with you on trips? Or do you take a different one every time?